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Time to Clean Your Gutters?

Clogged gutters can do a number on a house. Believe me, as a home inspector I have seen it. Clogged gutters can pull away from the eves and even fall completely off. Overflowing water can send streams of water down the side of your house. If that water gets inside the siding it can cause dry rot and mold issues. Water next to the foundation can seep into the basement or crawl space and cause more problems.

You can clean the gutters yourself, but if you do I highly recommend you study up on how to do it safely. It is not worth taking a fall and ending up with a permanent injury, or even killing yourself. I have a good friend that I would recommend in the local area. His name is Nathan Kulp and his number is 503-795-9140. He can do a nice job on your gutters for a fair price. He does windows too. It is important that anyone you hire for a job like this has insurance, so be sure to ask.

You can also get gutter covers, but they are expensive and they will still need maintenance, just not as often. Check around and talk to someone in the area that has the same kind and has had them for a few years before making a decision.

So keep those gutters clean. You'll save me some writing if I end up inspecting your house.

Tuesday November 8, 2016


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