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Are you feeding more than just birds?

When I see signs of rodents (mice and rats) in a crawlspace, there is a very good chance there is a bird feeder close to the home. There is nothing better than watching the little birds flitter around as they enjoy the tasty seeds you've put out for them. However, these colorful little songbirds are not the only ones that enjoy the birdseed. During the day, those annoying squirrels will do their best to get at the food source. If you placed a camera out at night, I'm betting you would see rats and mice that are attracted by the seeds on the ground. What better place for rats to make a home than near a food source? So, what can be done to continue enjoying the birds while keeping rats away? Here's a few ideas:
1. Put food in a feeder with a free-standing pole and a baffle that will keep pests from climbing.

2. Keep food off the ground. Consider a suet cake. Feed quality bird-seed without fillers. Otherwise, the visiting birds will dig through to find their favorite seeds, while scattering less desirable seeds on the ground. You may consider feeding seeds without shells. Clean up the area under bird-feeders regularly. Consider placing only as much food in the feeder as is eaten in a day.

3. Ensure that screens on crawlspace vents are in good shape, attached to foundation, without damage, or tears in the screens. If damaged vent screens are found, head down to your local hardware store and get them replaced or repaired.

Enjoy your birds!

Tuesday May 3, 2016


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